We are back into the swing of things here in Roanoke!  Now like everyone else we still are recovering from the lockdowns.  We have several guest lined up for our monthly meetings.  Starting this month (April) we will no longer stream the meeting.  I will be recording and then posting the video when we have guest speakers.

In May will we hold our Annual Convention, I want to see new faces take over the Executive committee.  If you are interested in being on the Executive committee please let us know by the April Social on April 13.

I know how easy it is for you to sit on the couch and find an excuse not to get active.  But if you truly believe in the Freedoms and Liberties of this country then you have to get active.  Please consider signing up to the LPVA and become a member of the Executive committee.

Stay Free,
Brian Hiner
Roanoke Valley Libertarians, Chair

We need your help spreading the words of Freedom & Liberty throughout the Roanoke Valley! If you can spare just $5 it will go far helping us to purchase ads, hand outs, getting spaces at events, & more.  Please consider making a donation to us.