Roanoke Valley Libertarians meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Corned Beef & Co. in downtown Roanoke

Are your LPVA Dues Current?

We am asking everyone to please join the LPVA and if you are a current member, have you paid your 2021 dues yet?  Here are  7 Reasons to Join, even though it was produced by the Libertarian Party of Maine it holds true to Libertarians here in Virginia and the rest of the US!

Please go to: https://lpvirginia.org/membership/   

About the RVL

The Roanoke Valley Libertarians is the Libertarian Party of Virginia affiliate for Roanoke and surrounding areas. 


Our 3 main purposes: 


1. Raising awareness of libertarianism through education and outreach activities


2. Recruiting new members


3. Nominating and running candidates for office in the region

There are currently 2 Libertarians in the area running for the House of Delegates:

Dean Davison in the 19th District

Sarah Jerose in the 22nd District

2021-2022 Executive Committee

Chair:         Brian Hiner

Vice Chair:  Dean Davison

Treasurer:   Andy Akers

Secretary:  Andrew Kimbel

At Large:    Charles Pasely 

At Large:    Angell Pasely