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Roanoke Valley Libertarians meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Corned Beef & Co. in downtown Roanoke

Are your LPVA Dues Current?

We am asking everyone to please join the LPVA and if you are a current member, have you paid your 2023 dues yet?  

Please go to: Membership - Libertarian Party of Virginia (

About the RVL

The Roanoke Valley Libertarians is the Libertarian Party of Virginia affiliate for Roanoke and surrounding areas. 


Our 3 main purposes: 


1. Raising awareness of libertarianism through education and outreach activities


2. Recruiting new members


3. Nominating and running candidates for office in the region

2023-2024 Executive Committee

Chair:         Brian Hiner

Vice Chair:  Rich Kamrowski

Treasurer:   Paul Vazquez

Secretary:  Dean Davison

At Large:    Charles Pasely 

At Large:    vacant

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