Happy New Year!  As we go into 2021, I believe the Libertarian Party is at a crossroads.  We have been a political party for 50 years.  Our ideas we have always pushed are becoming legal, we are have small success in some local races.  But our National campaigns have been lack luster.  Not because we don't have the superior candidates but because we have to compete in a rigged game.  So I need all of you to start thinking about different ways we can battle this.  If you have an idea let us know.

I also want to remind everyone to please renew your LP/LPVA memberships for 2021.  Below is 7 Reasons you should renew your membership if you need to know why you should renew your membership.  

Please consider to start making $5 monthly donations to the Roanoke Valley Libertarians.  $5 is a cup of coffee and doughnut from Dunkin.  If you can only make a one time donation that is fine because we need to generate some funds.  All your money will go to help fund the operations here.

Starting in February I hope we will be able to start meeting in person again.  I still plan on offering ZOOM capabilities for those who may not feel comfortable coming out to the events.

Stay Free,
Brian Hiner
Roanoke Valley Libertarians, Chair

Roanoke Valley Libertarians meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Corned Beef & Co. !!! 

Are your LPVA Dues Current?

I am asking everyone to please join the LPVA and if you are a current memberhave you paid your 2020 dues yet?  Here are  7 Reasons to Join, even though it was produced by the Libertarian Party of Maine it holds true to Libertarians here in Virginia and the rest of the US!

Please go to: https://lpvirginia.org/membership/